Parents’ views

Bury Playgroup is well structured and I like how they try to get the best out of each child, by treating them all as individuals. I also appreciate how much effort they put into ensuring my child settled.

Ffion has loved every minute of her time at Bury Playgroup. I feel sorry that it is time for her to move on to ‘Big School’. You have prepared her so well for the next stage in her little life. Thank you for all you have done, we shall miss you!

Bury Playgroup is our first experience of a childcare environment but we’re really impressed with how well organised it is and how much the staff seem to care. Thank you.

The staff at Bury Playgroup always go above and beyond for both myself and my child. I always feel informed on my child’s progress and all staff are very approachable.

We love everything about Bury Playgroup, the setting, the activities, the structure and most importantly all of the members of staff who make it such a great place for children to play, develop and learn. Thank you.

Brendan would go to Playgroup every day if he could. It is nice knowing Brendan has an enjoyable time at Playgroup and is learning at the same time.

William enjoys going to Playgroup. His speech and confidence has increased notably since he joined. Thank you for all you do for him.

I’m really impressed with Bury Playgroup. I just wish my working hours would allow more flexibility so my child could come more often as they really enjoy it.

Providing a safe environment with a variety of activities to play and learn.

Obviously very focused on the children you care for.

Friendly caring environment enabled my child to start to build her confidence and friendships. Don’t think that can be improved.

Brilliant work with phonics, I love the idea of a themed story each term. Fantastic facilities/ equipment to encourage creativity.

Good team, friendly. Great learning and development ideas.

The staff at Bury Playgroup do an amazing job.

Ofsted views

The manager and deputy are passionate and committed about their work with children. As a result, the long-standing team are enthusiastic and strong.