Save Bury Playgroup

Bury playgroup has been running for over 33 years providing high quality care and education to the youngest members of our community. In this time, we have supported over 600 children and their families, and we are proud to have served many generations. Sadly due to a number of factors, including a low birth rate which is affecting lots of early years settings and the 30 hours funding which we are unable to offer in our current premises, we will be forced to close our doors in July 2020 unless we raise enough funds. We are looking for £30,000 to stay open until at least July 2021 whilst we rebuild our numbers and explore all avenues to remain open long term. Will you help us retain this much‐loved facility? If we are unsuccessful in raising the full amount all monies raised will go to local children’s charities.We know that when a community works together, we can achieve great things, every amount no matter how small can make a huge difference to keeping Bury Playgroup open for future generations. Could you donate an hour’s wage for example?

Many thanks for your support!