Policy statement.

 Bury Playgroup is committed to valuing diversity and promoting equality of opportunity for all. We seek to challenge prejudice and discrimination and create an anti-bias environment in which all children have a sense of belonging.  We recognise that each child is unique and aim to meet their individual needs in order for them to achieve their full potential.  We promote and encourage positive attitudes and relationships between all our children, families and the wider community.


The diversity of families in our setting.


Bury Playgroup is registered for 26 children per session. As of November 2016 we have 26 children on roll. The demographic of our setting is predominantly White British. We have 7.7% children from minority ethnic groups who have English as an additional language, 3.8% of our children are SEND.


By publishing this information we demonstrate our commitment to the specific duty within the Equality Act 2010.


Recognising and respecting difference and diversity.


Treating people equally does not necessarily involve treating them the same. Our policies, procedures and activities promote equality and we challenge discriminatory behaviour and language. Nevertheless we take into account differences of life experience, background and individual needs and the types of barriers and disadvantages that people may face.


We respect the religious beliefs and practices of all staff, children and families, and comply with reasonable requests relating to religious practice.


Admissions and transitions.


We base our admissions policy on a fair system, we advertise our services to encourage maximum participation of all community groups. We do not discriminate against any child and will make reasonable adjustment to facilitate places for all children.  We aim to fully support all transition phases and understand that different children and their families will need different levels of support to achieve smooth transitions.  Bury Playgroup offers a flexible payment system for families with differing means.  We accept childcare vouchers.


Communication and Information.


We value and respect all communication, with children, parents/carers, staff and other professionals. We will endeavour to schedule meetings to enable the majority of parents/carers to attend so that all families have an equal opportunity to be involved in and informed about the playgroup.


We aim to make information accessible to families using a range of formats including verbal and visual information, clear written information (including electronic) and translated materials where appropriate.


We aim to ensure that the content of this policy is known to all staff, parents, carers and children where appropriate.


We provide a complaints procedure for parents/carers.


Setting ethos, positive attitudes and relationships and a shared sense of cohesion and belonging.


Our policies, procedures and activities will promote positive interaction, good relationships and respect between individuals, groups and communities.


Resources, activities and the environment.


We aim to promote an inclusive ethos and offer children a range of relevant resources that positively reflect diversity, as well as suitable activities that reflect their interests. We make reasonable adjustments to ensure planning reflects equality of access to resources and activities for all children, including those with SEND and those who speak English as an additional language.  We encourage children who speak English as an additional language to also speak their home language and understand the value that this has in contributing to a positive sense of identity, learning and general linguistic development.


Staff development and training.


We ensure that all staff, including support staff and those on the committee, receive appropriate training opportunities for professional development to enable them to develop anti-discriminatory and inclusive practices.


We ensure that staff are confident and fully trained to meet the individual needs of the children. e.g. in administering medicines and performing intimate care procedures when these are needed.


Employment and staffing.


Posts are advertised and all applicants are judged against a fair criteria.

Applicants are welcomed from all backgrounds and we aim for staffing to represent the diversity of the community.


Designated roles and responsibilities.


Bury Playgroup has two Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCo). Debbie Webb and Kathryn Arthur.

The SENCo’s coordinates the provision for children with SEND within the setting, works in partnership with parents, staff and external agencies and ensures appropriate record keeping procedures are in place.


Bury Playgroup has two Equalities Named Coordinators (ENCo). Heather Booth and Kathryn Arthur.

The ENCo coordinates the development of equalities provision throughout the setting.


Addressing prejudice-related incidents.


Bury Playgroup is opposed to all forms of prejudice and will take action against discriminatory behaviour (including that of staff, parents/carers, children and any visitors to our setting).


We aim to foster a culture where prejudice related incidents are proactively dealt with and reported. We will follow the guidance on the ENCo handbook regarding prejudice-related incidents.


We keep a record of prejudice- related incidents and feed back anonymous data to the local authority.


Narrowing the gap.


We aim to identify the vulnerable and underachieving groups within our setting and include strategies to close the gap in achievement between underachieving groups of children and others.


SEND is a recognised vulnerable group- in our setting we understand the need for early identification and assessment, we work closely with parents, and offer a differentiated curriculum, targeted learning and development to improve outcomes with SEND.


We adhere to the Code Of Practice for SEN 2014, we seek further support via a Common Assessment Framework / Early Support where appropriate.


Meeting the specific duties of the Equality Act 2010


We acknowledge our commitment to the specific duties under the Equality Act 2010. We publish equalities information about our setting within this policy and in our information pack for parents/carers.  We set one equalities objective every 4 years.


Monitoring and review.


We continually review our practices to ensure that we are fully implementing our policy.


We review our equalities policy regularly, at least on an annual basis.